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Nancy Montville 

Anna has organized some of my closets and does an amazing job! She is skilled at utilizing minimal space to store things. My linen closet looked so professional and neat that I almost don't want to touch anything in there because I don't want to mess it up! Anna is efficient, thorough, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her services and I will be using her again in the future.

Ruth Greenstein 

Anna is a wonder, an artist with all things of the home. She has outfitted, arranged and organized three large apartments for me through moves, AirBnBs, home office setups, and more. She is remarkably efficient, and comes up with solutions that I never could. What good fortune to know her!

Alisia Quaccoo

 My experience with you Anna was super exceptional! You came, you assess and you did your thing in the time frame and as cost effective as possible. Thank you also for going above and beyond service! I will continue to use your services and will recommend you 100%. You rock!

Anna is excellent at organization. She turned my cluttered closet into a perfect space with all pants, collared shirts and polos organized and grouped together by size and color. Her attention to details is impeccable. She also has a warm personality and gets the job done in a timely and efficient manner. I highly recommend her for any space that needs to be cleaned and organized. No job is too big or small for her.

Valerie B

I consider myself a pretty organized person. Yet, my walk-in closet eluded me for five years since moving into my new apartment. I decided that working with a Professional Organizer was the only way it was going to get done. I found Ana online and hired her as a Christmas present to myself without really knowing what to expect. Ana looked at pictures of my closet before she came and recommended a few things to buy so they would be delivered by the day of our appointment. Not only did Ana assemble the things I had ordered, they were absolutely perfect for the space. From what had been a disaster zone for too long, Ana transformed my closet and its contents into a beautiful, functional space that makes me smile every time I walk in.  I was so impressed that I hired her to do two more reach-in closets and each result was better than the last. I can’t say enough amazing things about Ana. Her professionalism, creativity, patience, enthusiasm and kindness are unparalleled. I would recommend (and hire) her again and again without hesitation. 

Linda G

Anna is an effective professional organizer who is passionate about her work. She is above all trustworthy, creative and adaptable. Anna quickly identified the organizational challenges within my home and “partnered” with me to formulate and create, for my family, consistent and action oriented routines that were simple, current and practical! Anna is a great listener and excellent problem solver by nature. After employing 4 prior professional organizers, it was only Anna who was able to completely transform my home into an organized and beautiful environment. Anna is priceless! 

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